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World's Largest
Elaborately Carved
Status Symbols
Vibrant Colors
Over 3000 shoehorns on display
Elaborately Carved Shoehorn

The Shoehorn Museum in West Covina , California includes the world's largest collection of shoehorns with over 3000 on display

Spectacularly carved shoehorns began to appear in the late 1500s. Our collection includes  ones of engraved ox horn as well as whale bone and ivory scrimshaw

Status Symbol Shoehorn
Colorful Shoehorn

During the Victorian Age artistic and expensive shoehorns were symbols of wealth and stature, as commoners relied on unadorned ones of rigid common materials

The invention of plastic gave birth to the most colorful shoehorns in history.  Those of the Roaring 20's reflect the shoehorn's most colorful period

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